Back Story

Leading footwear brand inspiring youth to have fun and push forward.

Founded in 1995, DVS Shoe Company is global footwear dedicated to inspiring youth to have fun and always push forward. With a focus on originality, quality, and innovation, they create a diverse range of performance and lifestyle products designed for those who share a passion for defying boundaries.

Incase website


Running on the same platform for years, DVS was looking for an innovative solution to better showcase their vast collection of products, content and media. Struggling to scale with the demands of their growing business, DVS also needed a platform with built-in plugins, eliminating the need to undergo costly development work every time something new needed to be added to the site. Finally, the new platform needed to be easily integrated with their existing ERP system.


SIDE-Commerce immediately gained a positive response amongst the entire DVS team. Key marketing personnel were extremely pleased with its ease of use and user friendly tools.

A media section was incorporated into the new platform, featuring full-length videos and marketing incentives, like their latest message #ALLINGOODFUN. Product technologies also proved to be an important customer search tool, helping customers narrow down their selection of the latest and greatest in footwear technology.

DVS values their customers and strives to always create a pleasant shopping experience. With that in mind, powerful customer service tools were created that allowed DVS to edit existing customer orders and change items like quantity, color, size, etc. Once a manual, labor-intensive process, unique promo codes were now atomized and used to promote company sales and events.

  • The DVS website using Side Commerce ecommerce saas
  • The DVS website using Side Commerce ecommerce saas
  • The DVS website using Side Commerce ecommerce saas