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IRVINE, CA – Wednesday, April 28, 2015 – Leading online and West Coast swimwear boutique, SwimSpot, recently launched their new website. Created on e-commerce platform, SIDE-Commerce, the new site elegantly features multiple swimsuit brands, including LUXE by Lisa Vogel, NEXT by Athena, Athena, Hurley, Ella Moss and Splendid, to name a few.

SwimSpot is a quick, easy and fun destination to buy women's swimwear for the modern sun-lover. Featuring a selection of high-end, luxury and fashion-forward swimwear, SwimSpot sells its swimwear – consisting of trend-setting bikinis, one-piece swimsuits, cover-ups and activewear – online and throughout its west coast boutiques.

Prior to SIDE-Commerce, SwimSpot was running on an older platform that did not have the capability to handle the unique business rules that SwimSpot required. For instance, their unique Fit Specialist Program allowed customers to select a silhouette that matched their shape and then shop for suits based on that selected body type. In order for this custom feature to function correctly, SwimSpot resorted to complex workarounds that slowed the system and user experience.

With the new site now in place, SwimSpot was able to launch their Fit Specialist Program without any complexities, due to SIDE-Commerce’s ability to conform, support and scale to the needs of untraditional e-commerce needs. In addition, they were also able to add a Bikini Builder to the new site, which gave customers the option to mix and match different tops and bottoms from the same brand, creating their own unique swimsuit. Once a challenge in the past, setting up shell items (tops and bottoms sold as individual SKU’s) was now done with ease, due to SIDE-Commerce’s ability to seamlessly integrate with their ERP system.

SwimSpot’s new website, Fit Specialist Program and Bikini Builder can all be experienced at

About SwimSpot

SwimSpot is the swimwear industry's premier swimwear and activewear boutique and online retailer. SwimSpot offers personalized customer service and a plethora of contemporary and designer swimwear and cover-ups for every body type. Each SwimSpot location offers concierge services provided by a Fit Specialist who can help customize your swimwear look. SwimSpot parlays its relationships with fashion designers and the industry's leading swimwear brands to offer high-end and fashionable swimwear to shoppers in a fun and ambient atmosphere.

About SIDE-Commerce

SIDE-Commerce is architected to help brands expand and continue to grow in today’s competitive marketplace, with all the essential tools necessary for creating an optimal digital experience. With SIDE-Commerce, users have the ability to mange every aspect of their online business from a single platform, without having to link to a blog or other extension. SIDE-Commerce includes integrated Blogs, Team Pages and Lookbooks so there is no need for special training and you can begin marketing your products immediately.