Side Commerce News

Since switching to SIDE-Commerce, SwimSpot has experienced a significant increase in online sales. Launched in March 2015, the new platform was able to conform, support and scale to the many untraditional e-commerce needs SwimSpot required, which proved to be a large contribution to the sales increase.

With a more efficient fulfillment process now in place, SwimSpot didn’t have to do any more manual work, like physically logging into Amazon to update products, which was now done directly from the platform. Once a challenge in the past, setting up shell items (tops and bottoms sold as individual SKU’s) was done with ease, due to the platform’s full integration with NetSuite. Prior to SIDE-Commerce, SwimSpot was not mobile-friendly, experienced multiple site crashes and slow load times, causing a decrease in sales. Now, the site speed is tripled and responsive, with mobile, tablet and desktop versions all controlled in one place…from a single platform.

The new SIDE-Commerce platform is performing well over expectations, allowing the SwimSpot brand to grow and function to its fullest potential.