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Seeking an interactive website from the start, Dakine came to Side Studios requesting a solution that would allow consumers to be accurately informed of all their products and options. To create this customized retail shopping experience Dakine desired, Side Studios designed and built a custom “Outwear Choose Your Kit” feature.

Designed and built specifically for Dakine, the custom outfitter allows customers to create their own outerwear look from head to toe. Starting with the option to choose a jacket and pant, the outfitter also includes accessories to pair with the chosen outfit, from gloves, beanies and facemasks to socks, base layers and backpacks. Sizes, colors and descriptions are all featured in the outfitter, as well as suggested looks.

With the new custom outfitter in place, this winter proved to be a successful one for Dakine!

To make your own Dakine Outwear Kit, click here.