Side Commerce News

Winn Inc., a premium sports grip manufacturer, chose to enhance their existing site, implementing the SIDE-Commerce platform. Based in Huntington Beach, CA, Winn is a pioneer in polymer technology and worldwide manufacturer of high performance grips for gold clubs, tennis rackets, tools and fishing rods. With a wide variety of products spread across two different sporting industries, Winn required a new site that would showcase these products in an organized, clean and fashionable presentation.

Upon entering the new site, users will find a portal in which they are prompted to choose the industry they will view Winn products from: Winn Golfing and Winn Fishing. Once on the Homepage, users will have access to the most optimal experience. Beautiful photography and detailed descriptions give users a look into all of Winn’s carefully crafted products. The new site also allows customers to view the products in different color variations, as well as multiple technology features each product has to offer. Interactive step-by-step tutorials also give customers the information they need to setup a new grip on a fishing pole or golf club. Finally, a media center was added to include print ads, press release and videos.

Currently in the final stages of development is a multi-language tool, which will automatically translate the entire Winn site according to the selected language, so viewers from all around the world receive the most optimal experience.