Side Commerce News

Upon reviewing pertinent customer feedback and taking into account various requests made throughout the years, Side Studios launched a website showcasing their very own e-commerce platform, SIDE-Commerce. Developed in-house by our team of designers and developers, SIDE-Commerce was architected to help brands expand and continue to grow in today’s competitive market, with all the essential tools necessary for creating an optimal digital experience.

Dedicated to enhance user experience and provide maximum growth and profitability for customers, SIDE-Commerce provides a wide range of features and integrations needed to succeed in the online marketplace. Intuitive reporting and analytics gives users an insight into their store’s growth, while custom promotion tools help to increase customer purchase activity. With SIDE-Commerce, customers can streamline daily businesses processes on one platform.

Proponents of the new platform include brands from various industries. For Incase, an iconic lifestyle and accessories brand, the switch to SIDE-Commerce proved to go beyond expectations. With the intricate integration of their ERP inventory system, SIDE-Commerce made it easier for Incase to focus on their business and not on making their site work. DVS, a leading footwear brand, utilized SIDE-Commerce not only for their online store but also for their marketing platform, incorporating a media section and powerful customer service tools and promotions. For additional customer success stories and a list of upcoming sites to launch on SIDE-Commerce, click here.

Here at Side Studios, we’ve always been committed to doing great work and helping our clients connect with their customers. Our new platform is a natural extension of our vision and ongoing commitment to our clients.