Side Commerce News

For many SIDE-Commerce clients, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are a make-or-break point in their fiscal year. Fortunately, SIDE-Commerce was prepared to take on the extreme traffic loads on these peak shopping days, yielding to successful earnings this holiday season.

Planning for the events ahead of time and executing the right strategies were crucial components for SIDE. We worked with our clients very closely to help them set up their promotions, build email campaigns and deploy them to the masses. A unique tool within the SIDE-Commerce platform allowed clients to schedule promotions to take place so that right when Black Friday hit, the promo codes would be in effect. Additionally, with its hybrid cloud platform and auto scale capabilities, client sites were able to add and remove servers in real time reacting to constantly changing traffic demands.

After the anticipated shopping period, the highly scalable SIDE-Commerce platform recorded more than $3 million in transactions for clients. In the end, planning and making strategic decisions long before Black Friday were key contributions to the successful season.