Side Commerce News

Self-sustaining and environmentally friendly flower farm, Kendall Farms, recently chose to rebuild their existing site and launch their subscription service on the SIDE-Commerce platform. Based on a 500-acre farm in Fallbrook, California, Kendall Farms has been a family owned and operated flower farm for over 25 years. Kendall Farms ensures the highest quality products and desired a site to not only reflect this same quality but also allow them withstand the complexity of their new subscription service.

With sustainability, the environment and efficiency in mind, Kendall Farms has made huge strides in setting new standards for California flower farming, and wanted their audience to be aware of this upon landing on the homepage. To accomplish this, two large homepage banners were created directing users to learn more about the Kendall Farms story or choose to purchase a bouquet, which can than be sent directly to their home. New to Kendall Farms, customers can either purchase one bouquet at a time or subscribe to a delivery service, in which they can choose to have fresh flowers delivered weekly, monthly or annually. Once the subscription is confirmed, the system will automatically send the bouquet without having to manually input information, a new feature on the SIDE-Commerce platform.

In addition to the subscription tool, the new site will showcase stunning photography of the farm, a blog with articles on what life is like on the farm and information on charities and programs Kendall Farms is currently involved in. The new site is scheduled to launch in October 2015.